Administrative centre of the district, Verviers today has a new face - boasting incredible hospitality and welcome.

Verviers has for a long time sought to reinvent itself.

Our shared industrial past was both a source of pride and nostalgia.
Today our city is entering a new era. Although many socio-economic obstacles remain, we can feel it, the city is changing and coming to life! The Crescend'eau mall has been a huge success, attracting talent such as Jean-Philippe Darcis with his La Chocolaterie, a museum that combines a taste for history and culinary delights.


Verviers: l'industrie lainière / Le Musée du Chocolat de Jean-Philippe Darcis © Ville de Verviers / FTPL Patrice Fagnoul

The wool industry and exceptional heritage 

The city, whose history is closely linked to the wool industry, boasts a rich architectural heritage.
The former Grand'Poste, the Courthouse, the City Hall and its square have just been renovated.
Other buildings are scheduled for renovation in the coming years: The Hôtel de Biolley will host all of the collections of the communal museums and the Grand Théâtre - an iconic building of Verviers culture - will recover its lustre of former years.
Proud of renovating its urban centre, Verviers is now concentrating on tourism. At the entrance to Fagnes and the plateau of Herve, Verviers is ideally located for combining the joy of the city and countryside escapes.


Verviers:  Le Palais de Justice / l'ancienne Grand Poste / L'Hôtel de Ville © Ville de Verviers

Culture and sport

Verviers is also a leisure city for both cultural and sporting entertainment!
Numerous festivals, jogging in June, the vast Easter flea market, the chocolate festival, the festival of lights and the ice rink at the end of the year are just some of the great occasions to enjoy!


Verviers: le festival FiestaCity / Le Grand Jogging © Ville de Verviers

Got an itch for shopping?

The city is home to numerous retail parks, and the streets of the city centre are in part pedestrianized. Verviers is currently finalizing its urban rejuvenation project for the Spintay district, which notably includes the construction of a shopping centre.


Verviers: le piétonnier et les commerces © Ville de Verviers

Building the future

Other districts have also received significant investment.

In the west, this includes a cinema complex, a shopping centre, a games hall and a 4-star hotel with 100 rooms and conference rooms. This magnificent collection dedicated to leisure and tourism is just a stone's throw away from the quays of the Vesdre which is home to a number of wonderful restaurants.
In the east, numerous projects have already begun, primarily in the field of education (water, agri-food, construction) on reassigned former industrial sites.
This pays testament to Verviers' ability to attract new investors and become a true hub of activity in the east of Belgium.


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