Verviers Mobility Measures

The Tour de France in Verviers is highly likely to impact traffic and parking in the town and along the Tour route. You are strongly advised not to try to access the Verviers town centre or the train station by motor vehicle. Exit 5 (Verviers-centre - Ensival) on the E42 motorway is exclusively reserved for authorized vehicles.


In the town, parking will be prohibited along the Tour route from Sunday, 2 July at 6 pm until Monday, 3 July at 4 pm.

Monday, 3 July

  • Exit 6 (Verviers Sud) of the E42 motorway towards Germany will be closed;
  • The red perimeter (see map) will be closed, except to local traffic, from 6 am / 8 am / 8.45 am, depending on the road in question. Vehicles inside the perimeter will be able to exit but not to enter.
  • The perimeter will be reopened once the green flag has passed through, signalling the end of the race, at approximately 2 pm. Some roads will be reopened to traffic at 9 pm, for example, in the hyper centre, where events will be held throughout the day.

A complete list of the streets is available online:

A crossing point will be set up on the route at Place Vieuxtemps. It will be accessible until 10 am and after 2 pm.

Public transport

  • The SNCB car park on Rue d'Ensival will not be accesible;
  • TEC public transport routes will be modified;
  • The SNCB will extend its weekend ticket until Monday, 3 July.

Overflow car parks

If you have to go to the town centre, it is highly recommend you use the overflow car parks:

With free shuttle buses, leaving from:

  • The Chaineux/Petit-Rechain zone (Exit 2 Chaineux);
  • The side of the Oneux and Bouquette roads (Exit 7 Heusy).

The Chaineux/Petit-Rechain zone is also served by TEC lines 702 and 138.

The Oneux and Bouquette roads are served by TEC lines 703 and 706.

With normal bus lines, leaving from:

The Lambermont zone (Exit 4 Lambermont) -TEC line 707 with extra services running;

From the Couvalles site, Rue des Couvalles (Dison - Exit 3) - TEC line 701.

Access for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

A PRM car park will be accessible on Rue Spintay (behind the former "Printemps").

Parking ticket inspections will be suspended on 3 July, except in post-pay car parks (Gymanse, Sècheval, Hôtel de Ville).

You can find all of this information at

Federal Police

The Liège Federal Police Coordination and Support department will be in charge of general coordination of policing measures for the passage of the Tour de France in Belgium on 2 and 3 July.

Monday, 3 July, the following exits on the E42/A27 motorway will be closed:

  • Exit 6 (Verviers-Sud) towards Germany only
  • Exit 8 (Spa) in both directions
  • Exit 9 (Sart) in both directions
  • Exit 10 (Francorchamps) in both directions

Access to the stage start and finish areas

The train is the best way to get to the finish line in Liège on 2 July and to the start line in Verviers on 3 July. Special ticket prices are available for the event.

The Verviers train station is just next to the start area. Overflow car parks with shuttle buses will also be set up and accessible via Exits 2 (Chaineux), 4 (Lambermont) and 7 (Heusy) on the E42/A27 motorway. You are strongly advised not to try to access the Verviers town centre or the train station by motor vehicle. Exit 5 (Verviers-Centre - Ensival) is reserved exclusively for authorized vehicles and Exit 6 (Verviers Sud) will be closed heading towards Germany.

Further information

Operational Coordination and Support Service

Police fédérale - DCA Liège

47 rue Saint-Léonard

B-4000 Liège

Tel: +32 4 228 94 03

TEC Public Transport (Transport en Commun)

Various diversion measures and terminus changes will be in place on 2 July for the arrival of Tour de France vehicles coming from Germany.

All lines arriving from or crossing the centre of Verviers will be affected (diverted, limited or modified).

As in Liège, articulated vehicles, as well as back-up buses will be available. The control service will also be stepped up, with a controller set up at the Police PC.



The Tour de France has chosen the town of Verviers to launch its stage on 3 July. The majority of the town will celebrate the bicycle and access roads to the train station and town will be closed to all motor vehicles. As part of this, and in light of the fact that parking at the training station will be prohibited, the town of Verviers has decided to set up the Tour de France village and stage start in the car park.

For this reason, the Verviers train station car park will be closed on Sunday, 2 July and Monday, 3 July. A series of alternative measures will be set up to provide parking elsewhere:

Your subscription will give you access to the three car parks of the Liège-Guillemins train station

  • P1: Av. de l’Observatoire
  • P2: Rue du Plan incliné
  • P3: Rue Bovy/Rue de Sclessin

You will also be able to park in the following train station car parks:

  • Spa: 209 places
  • Eupen: 47 places
  • Welkenraedt: 476 places
  • Pepinster: 64 places
  • Visé: 240 places

These commuter car parks are free of charge and do not require authorization or any special documentation.

Vehicles still parked at the site on 2 July will be removed by the police.

The SNCB would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.

For any other questions, please email

Offers available

The SNCB will provide additional trains travelling to Liège-Guillemins and Verviers-Central.

XL Weekend Ticket

All weekend tickets, valid from 29 June 2017 to 28 August 2017 will be valid from Thursday, 7 pm until Monday. This is applicable to both domestic weekend tickets and cross-border weekend tickets to Maastricht, Roosendaal and Aachen.

For same-day returns, a weekend ticket is therefore the best value for money (compared to a standard ticket) on Thursdays from 7 pm, Mondays and Fridays during the campaign.

Euregio Ticket

From Monday to Friday - tickets are valid for one person.

On Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, tickets are valid for one group of 5 people maximum, including 2 passengers over 12 years old and a maximum of 3 children under 12.

Tickets are valid for unspecified journeys during 1 day on the lines shown on our website:

The conditions of use for Euregio tickets bought on Sunday, 2 July will exceptionally be extended to Monday, 3 July.